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2018 a jubilee year for Erebuni Archaeological Museum-Reserve

06 May 2018

50 years ago on October 19, on the occasion of 1750th anniversary of foundation of Yerevan, the only Museum Archaeological Preserve in Armenia, Erebuni was opened to public, reports “Republic of Armenia” newspaper.

Today the museum is considered to be an important centre of scientific research on Urartu’s culture and history. Here 30 years ago the study on one of the oldest castles in our history, Erebuni, was initiated.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the museum, list of events are planned to be organized this year together with Yerevan Municipality. The program of the events is ready.

The 12,753 archaeological objects from Pre-Urartian, Urartian, Aachenic, Hellenistic and Early Armenian Periods which are preserved in the museum were discovered in ancient sites of Arin Berd, Karmir Blur, Shnegavit as well as during regular excavations conducted in different regions of Armenia.

As highlighted by the director of the museum, Gagik Gyurjyan, on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the museum, series of postcards were issued which are dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan. The images on the postcards include 18 findings discovered from Erebuni (Arin Berd) and Teysheban (Karmir Blur) city-castles as well as from bionic tomb of Yerevan- all from Urartu period.

A 25 minutes long short-film titled “Erebuni 50”, which is also planned to be shot for the jubilee events, will tell about the history and achievements of the museum. The program also includes production of souvenirs as well as issuing a book-album based on photos, notes made by famous people in the impression book and other wishes and suggestions of the visitors.

It is also planned to organize a festive session in the Yerevan Municipality hall as well as a concert. Open air lectures on the topic “The role of cities of Erebuni and Teishebain in the Urartian kingdoms” in Erebuni, Teishebain and Argishtikhinili ancient sites will also be organized.

At the end of the jubilee events a thematic photography exhibition titled “Erebuni Museum Archaeological Preserve 1968-2018” will be opened in the museum.